Welcome to Twins Column Finance. We started this blog in response to the shaky economies that could leave people unemployed, or leave small businesses crumbling to the ground.

We provide information about everything and anything that concerns money. We provide a number of articles that cater to a variety of interests, regardless if you want to achieve financial freedom or to diversify your portfolio.

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Twins Column Finance is a finance website aimed at providing crucial financial education to individuals across generations. We promote fun and engaging financial education in order to become relatable to people from different backgrounds. We started the website in order to help individuals and businesses achieve financial stability despite shaky and unstable economies.

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Funding Options when Starting Your own business

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Attracting Investors

Attracting Investors

Another great way to get funding for your business is to attract investors. Investors are simply going to ask a portion of the income of your business once it is running and operational. This option is a good way to decrease the risk on your part.

If you are going to have a business, keep in mind that finding funds can be the most difficult part. Try these tips in order to raise funds, since there are times one method may not work. You may not have enough money to fund the entire thing.

Personal Money

Personal Money

One of the best ways to fund your business is by using your personal money. What’s the risk? Of course, any business could easily go bankrupt. Also, keep in mind that there is also the chance that there won’t be enough money on the table to expand horizons in a business. If you are really sure about your investment, why not use your personal money?

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